Monday, November 19, 2012

Belladonna Publishing

The lovely ladies at Belladonna Publishing are putting together a Black Apples anthology where they are looking for fairy tales

Here's what they say:

"Black Apples is an anthology of gothic fairytales starring the classic fairytale princess – but her ending is maybe not so happy, her quest is perhaps more grim and the darkness of the tale might just come from within…

The Princess might be someone we know, but she can also be a princess we’ve never heard of before. She may come from ancient times, or far into the future. She can be the heroine, or we might not see her on the pages at all – but the story must somehow evolve around the fairytale princess and/or her role as such – and have a dark twist… We’re looking for the beautiful, sensuous and sinister."

I have already submitted to them a short story set in the same world as Gothic (Shadows of Melbourne), entitled 'If you want to walk out of here, you have to learn how to crawl'.

The story is one of a girl who has wandered into the world of Fairie to follow her lover but, once there, it is devastatingly different. She is unable to adapt and finds herself almost lost to suffering. Because I am a soft hearted romantic, the male lead of this short story is in fact in love with his heroine, and he does everything he can to help her become safe, happy and sane again.

The story is further exciting to me because I have gotten a friend of mine Fyodor Krasniy to do the illustrations for this work.

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