Tuesday, January 8, 2013



I have a Goodreads account. I'm a Goodreads author. I've been mm-ing and ahh-ing for a while about getting one of these, deeming that it would be too much of a drain on my time and, you know what? One week in, and I'm starting to think that past-me may have had that exactly right.

This isn't helped by the fact that, each time I'm procrastinating on there, I'm telling myself that it's work. It's promotion time, I keep telling myself. Quite different to wasting time, actually.


Hmm, I'm still not sold about that. Still, the numbers can't be argued with, and the number of people it's putting me back into contact with can't be sneered at. All in all, it's a far superior option to Facebook, if only because the people are already interested in books, so when you start talking about books, you don't get looked at weirdly.

Still, it's just another thing to add to the list: write a novel, go to work, cook dinner, put out dinner for cats, play with cats when they are suddenly full of energy....

Merrily enough, Goodreads is at least turning out to be good for my reading time. The 'update status' option feels a lot like a contest you're winning every time you read more words and the percentage of the book goes up. Also, the option to add what you're thinking of the book each time you update is just enough like Twitter that I think I'm in love with that feature alone!

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