Friday, March 15, 2013

Nostalgic post on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It made me so happy the other week to get all nostalgic over Buffy with Tony Head in his Giles tweed. On this night when we celebrate his most recent project in the radio play Neverwhere, I thought it might be a nice idea to do a nostalgic post to the series that first introduced me to the wonderful man known as Anthony Stewart Head.

For those not in the know, Buffy is this amazing cult classic of a show, screening largely in the 1990s and written by this god man by the name of Joss Whedon. Joss earlier than this wrote an origin story for Buffy in the form of a feature length movie starring Kristy Swanston, but it flopped. After the end of the series Buffy, and it's spinoff Angel, Joss collaborated with a bunch of mates and made the post-series comics (also referred to as Season 8 of Buffy, and After the Fall).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer first came on my television screen when I was a lonely eight year old girl. I thought this looked good, and identified with Willow perhaps a little too much, but thankfully did not pick up her fashion sense (until around season 5, when it became AWESOME). I laughed and cried with the four main characters, made up of Buffy herself, two best buds in Willow and Xander, as well as the older, mentor figure as well as guardian to Buffy's mystical slayer heritage, Rupert Giles.

I also laughed and cried through the various love interests over the 7 years that the series screened: Angel being thrust into a hell dimension after being evil Angelus for 9 episodes, Oz's tearful goodbye when he realises he's the wolf all the time, Anya's ridiculous/hilarious antics in trying to learn about dating and love (which I suffered through the first time, and only came to love gradually, through several rewatches). Spike's love of Buffy through it's various forms seemed much more real and layered to me than Buffy's high school sweetheart relationship with Angel (rife though it was with him turning evil the moment they had SEX). Tara's relationship with Willow was something that went completely over my head in its beginning stages, and then was something I came to adore as I realised myself to be bisexual and able to fall in love with a woman, too.

The important thing was, this was the formation of story, how a story can be told, (how a story *should* be told?) for a number of long years. I still play a game right now with my fiancee, whenever I'm stuck on a decision to do with a story, of saying, "What would Joss do?" Earlier this year, I made a post on my Tumblr saying I knew that, in some small way, the inspiration for my cover art and some of my stories came from Joss

A couple of awesome Buffy related things happened this year. Firstly: Buffy's 32nd birthday was noted and celebrated on the 19th January on Twitter by YA and Queer novelist Melinda Lo, as well as by many of my other friends. (This also means I am old, as I was always two years behind the Buffy crew.)

Secondly, there was this:

Buffy may not have been with us on our TV screens for the last 10 years, but the magic still lives on.


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