Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Books, TV adaptations and A Game of Thrones.

A friend of mine has just put up a parody of last year's season/book of Game of Thrones and it's reminded me of all the things I loved about it.


Somewhere in the North ...

Catelyn: Okay, we’ve got more kings than you can shake a sword at, my husband is dead, the people are freaking out, everyone’s washing is getting dirty because of all the pillaging and burning, and did I mention my husband is dead? Not that I’m trying to guilt-trip you, son. (read more).

Last year, I was so excited by the upcoming release of Game of Thrones. The previous year had been amazing, and actually managed to make me pick up the books for the first time.

For anyone who has been following me on Goodreads, I have spent most of the year since then struggling to read book three of Game of Thrones: A Storm of Swords.


35% -- "Suppose I should finish this book before season premiere in April." 

48% -- "Trudging along. This book isn't just long, its pages are half as thin as others'!" 

51% -- "I have been getting through this. Just lazy about updating these last couple of days..."

58% -- "Okay, now I'm actually enjoying getting back to this one."

60% -- "Oh bitch, they didn't...!"

My feelings towards the book are rich and varied.

Now it's been a couple of weeks since the third season premiered, and I'm just getting around to watching it. And I'm going to say (much as I hate the words...) I genuinely think that at least thus far this season is better than this book.

Less restrained: And I am BACK on BOARD!

Last season, Game of Thrones did something very smart and combined the plots of Arya Stark and Tywin Lannister for the purpose of a more concise plot. As I thought that both plots dragged in the books, I thought this was a prudent choice and worked very well throughout season two.


In A Storm of Swords, third book, the biggest problem I kept having was the disjointedness each time the book went from the point of view of one character to the next. I kept literally having to put the book down and take some time in between chapters so that I could get out of one character's head and into the next one.

I look forward to the rest of third season if it continues like this!

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