Friday, May 3, 2013

Wedding photos

I am about to be a bridesmaid! It's not the first time I've been asked to do this but, as traditional weddings are becoming less and less frequent (particularly amongst my friends!) this has been the first time that I have been part of a white wedding bridal party.

(I've been looking for an excuse this photo. Please ignore the tag sticking out!)

The rehearsal dinner was this week. Sadly, I did not get to wear this dress and won't again between final dress fitting and the wedding day. Tomorrow, the bridal party heads up into the mountains for the night before the wedding. This is partially to keep us all together; partially because the bride is expecting a 5 am start for breakfast / make up / hair / photography / whatever else needs doing before we move onto actually having the wedding guests start to arrive.

I keep trying to tell her that 5 am is just not a friendly hour for social activities of any sort. We've been particularly lucky that this bride has not at any point of the process turned into the dreaded 'Bridezilla', but I have this feeling that if I point out the difficulty of getting up so early one more time, she's going to be all,

So I'll keep it to myself. No big deal.

I'll probably also keep an eye on this latest favourite tumblr blog ( from my phone. :D

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